Audit a class

An audit is an opportunity to attend a class without registering as an official student. We offer those new to LB Acting Studio the opportunity to audit one class free of charge!

In this case, you will be virtually observing one of our LB classes to gain insight into our approach, and how our classes are run. We look forward to you joining us! 

Featured audits

Watch our working actors navigate the LB approach at a high level from the comfort of your own home!

Masterclass with Lewis Baumander

Thursdays @ 7 PM EST
Watch some of LB’s most seasoned Actors who have been working closely with Lewis Baumander for a number of years. This class keeps the actor sharp, and challenge them to dig deep fast. It will prepare the actor for the heat of the on-set experience. Characters will be discovered from within, and will grow out of the relationships the actor develops with their partner and the text. Action will grow out of interaction rather than from an intellectual menu pro forma 19th and 20th century constructs.

Advanced Audition with Lewis

Tuesdays @ 2 PM EST
In this class, the actor will track and give great attention to the thoughts they are having and the effect those thoughts create on both their consciousness and their bodies. Actors will learn key steps in training themselves to catch wayward thoughts early in the process, and replace them with more success oriented thoughts. Actor’s will trace their journey from the moment of receiving an audition, the prep, the audition itself, and finally, “letting it go,” whether it be virtual, in the room, or for a self tape.