Acting class Recommendations

Do you need help identifying what acting class is the best fit for you and your level of acting experience? LB Acting Studio has acting class options for every level. Please fill out our class recommendation form below and we will be happy to help. We looking forward to hearing from you! If you have any questions or concerns, feel free to email us at

Find your ideal acting class at LB Acting Studio

At LB Acting Studio, we understand that every actor has unique needs and goals. Our personalized class recommendations ensure you enrol in the program that best suits your experience level and aspirations. Utilize the form below to get feedback from the LB Acting Studio team on what class you should take. 

Acting Classes We Offer at LB Acting Studio:

  • Youth Acting Classes: For ages 10-19, focusing on foundational skills and on-camera training. 
  • Beginner Acting Classes: Designed for adults starting their acting journey, covering basic techniques and industry insights.
  • Foundations Acting Classes: Created for working actors new to the LB Acting Studio community and approach. 
  • Advanced Acting Classes: For working actors looking to enhance their skills and overcome career obstacles.
  • Masterclasses: Intensive sessions led by industry experts, perfect for serious actors aiming for professional success. 

How Acting Class Recommendations Works:

  1. Consultation: You submit your application for our studio experts to learn your background and goals. We evaluate your level of experience, and what you hope to gain through taking classes at LB Acting Studio for your education and career. 
  2. Recommendation: We evaluate your current skill level and experience & you receive a tailored class recommendation to match your needs. We suggest classes that will best accelerate your learning and training. 

Why Choose LB Acting Studio for Your Acting Classes?

LB Acting Studio offers acting classes tailored to every experience level. Led by working and professional actors, our acting classes are tailored to specific student types and experience levels. Learn from industry-renowned coaches, flexible in-studio and virtual options, and a supportive community dedicated to your success in the film & TV industry. Enhance your skills, gain confidence, and advance your acting career with LB Acting Studio. Our personalized recommendations will ensure you find the perfect class to match your goals. We pride ourselves on producing the top acting classes in Toronto, and look forward to helping you find the right placement.