Returning LB Actors

LB Acting Studio students join us again for another exciting acting class session.
Advance your acting career with our acting classes in Toronto and online.


For the actor who wants to dive into the process of bringing scripts to life. Immerse yourself in the art of acting with in studio and virtual on-camera classes.


Explore in-depth the keys to a successful professional audition. Master the essentials of audition techniques with our specialized audition series classes.


Actors work on partnered scenes as they dive into the exploration of sharing the screen with another actor. In the scene study for actors series, you will enhance your performance skills, investigate and develop partnered scenes. 


All LB Acting Studio specialty classes are designed to further the actor in their creative pursuits and create opportunities to become a more well rounded artist.

Advance Your Acting Career with Our Returning Actors Classes in Toronto

LB Acting Studio is known in Toronto and internationally for its exceptional acting training programs. LB Acting Studio students and alumni value our comprehensive approach, offering classes that cover on-camera acting, audition techniques, and scene study, among others that further advance actors’ knowledge and careers. Our experienced LB Acting Studio coaches provide personalized feedback, fostering growth and confidence. Our flexible schedule, with both in-studio and virtual options, accommodates diverse actor needs. Returning LB Acting Studio actors gain a supportive community and the opportunity to continuously refine their craft, making LB Acting Studio a preferred choice for ongoing professional development in acting.