LB Acting Studio Alumni Alexander Eling

Featured in The God of Frogs, Jin and the Wild Dog, The Way Home, Avatar: Frontiers of Pandora, Guillermo Del Toro's Cabinet of Curiosities, Suze, Murdoch Mysteries, Another Life, Tiny Pretty Things, Shadowhunters

I have taken classes at LB for a few years now and they have always been instrumental in any successes that I have had. Every time I step into class, I am reminded why I love to do this. It brings you right back down to the roots of it all, and instills a feeling of freshness for you to be able to build a solid foundation upon moving forward. The environment that is created allows you the freedom to fall flat on your face with ZERO judgment, which propels the ability to learn and hone the craft to a very high level. It is ‘being in the trenches’ in the best way possible. I love every minute of it. It is always something I look forward to, week after week. If you are aiming to get yourself to a level where you are consistently putting out good work, get into class. You won’t regret it.