Featured in Ginny & Georgia, Kung Fu, Degrassi, Hudson and Rex, Good Witch, Ezra

From our first class, Lewis has cultivated a space of vulnerability, support, and play. I remember laughing through my first scene in his class, not as a way to deal with uncomfortability, but because I felt so comfortable to try anything. As the class went on I learned to let go of the doubts and the walls I had set up for myself to keep my pride unbruised. I sat with the notion that this industry isn’t a sprint; it’s a marathon. I felt things inside me shift as I rebuilt the trust in myself to feel what the characters feel, and to more importantly, be able to bring real life into scenes.It’s not about following certain techniques or methods.

It’s about letting go of your ego to be able to just live.

To have someone like Lewis in your corner is to have someone who sees the life inside of you, needing to be shared with the world, and giving it the space and acceptance to shine.