LB Acting Studio Alumni Chloe Van Landschoot

Featured in From, Skin, Lune, Heirlooms

Oooooh Lewis where do I even begin! I first began training with Lewis right around the time I started working as a Nurse. Teachers and coaches before him were always under the impression that I simply could not be both a nurse and a working actor. Lewis instilled a level of confidence, support, and encouragement for me to look really inward at who I am and the gifts that working in a hospital can do for story-telling. I learned an important lesson that day. Your life experience IS your craft. And that’s the beauty of how Lewis and all the coaches at LB operate. They see you for the unique human that you are and coach you through how YOU would be in imaginary circumstances, and not some vague general idea of what WE think the character will do, say, think. This approach to the work, of just breathing and having the courage to be seen, allows for that level of specificity and uniqueness that is highly castable, compelling to watch, and in my opinion, WAYYY more fun and gratifying to perform! Thanks for teaching me how to BREATHE, LB Acting Studio!