Featured in World Without End, Flashpoint, Tiny Pretty Things, Mike the Knight, The 99

LB Acting Studio is not just a school for acting, but a community of supportive wonderful individuals. From my very first class I have never felt so accepted by a group of people. Everyone at the studio wants the best for one another. Not only has Lb help me develop as an actor but also a person. Lb is a place any actor should go to whether it’s because they feel lost or merely want to grow. Lb helps you find who you are as an actor. It’s not a place that forces a mould onto its students to be a cookie cutter “perfect” actor. It’s a place where everyone is free to express who they are and how each story and character can be different with each individual. Lb is a place of inspiring and growing. It has helped me find a way to connect with each character even if I cannot personally relate to each situation. I wouldn’t be the actor or person I am today without this studio. I have met so many amazing people I can now not only call my teachers and classmates but my friends. I can genuinely say I learn something new in class every week. Attending Lb has allowed me to discover my limitations and has helped me overcome them. I still have so much more room for development and I cannot express how happy I am to be doing it as a student at Lewis Baumander Acting Studio.