Featured in Queen of Spades, Frankie Drake, Degrassi, Wingin' It!, Warehouse 13

Over the course of my 16 year career, LB Acting Studio has remained a constant in both my training and my life. Lewis and his talented team of coaches have given me the foundation and the finesse I’ve needed to grow exponentially as an artist over the years – and by extension as a person too. Whether it be encouraging me to workshop my own material in class or helping me craft a self tape to near perfection, both Lewis and Steven have been guiding forces in pushing my creativity to its limits. Their teaching style has resonated with me since the beginning because of their holistic approach to coaching; they’re not just teaching you how to ‘act’, they’re teaching you how to tap into something you’ve had inside you all along.

LB has also given me a community to turn to to navigate the highs and lows of the industry at every stage of my career, connecting me with lifelong friends and industry mentors that have changed my life forever. It is no exaggeration to say that my best work and my fondest memories have come from the time I have spent on the mark in LB studios, a place where I have felt safe enough to explore the depths of my passion and the potential of where it can take me.

It is difficult to express the gratitude I feel towards the whole LB family for the support, wisdom, and confidence they have instilled in me during my time there. But I do know that when I show up for class at LB, I’m showing up for myself as an actor. Being away from the studio during the pandemic has made me realize the impact LB has had on my craft and my life – and I can’t wait to return home sometime soon.