LB Acting Studio Alumni Madison Brydges

Featured in My Life with the Walter Boys, The Hardy Boys, The Parker Andersons, Single All the Way, Big Top Academy, Murdoch Mysteries

Joining LB Acting Studio was definitely one of the best decisions I have ever made. Coming into such an amazing place where they are open arms all around and is such a supportive environment just opened my eyes to the potential I had for myself as an actress. Walking into such amazing talent that has been there before me was definitely intimidating. As I was at such a young age it was hard being in the older classes but the coaches I had and who I met helped me bring out the confidence in myself to be the best actress that I can be and really have fun and appreciate the craft I do. I have been working with LB Acting Studio for around five years and I can see such a difference within myself from when I started to now. My experiences at LB were so enjoyable and taught me so many lessons that I still and always will use throughout my acting career. With classes I took, I learned more and more every day especially when we were able to have the opportunity to be seen by such well-known actors and directors who can give us other opportunities as well as give us more feedback to grow and improve. If anyone had ever come to me and asked which classes to take to better themselves as an actor or to even start I would say LB in a heartbeat. They have pushed me to where I see a total difference in how I act and I can’t wait to further work with them and improve even more. I give so much thanks to all the coaches and staff that work at LB. They are all amazing and I could never ask for anything more.