LB Acting Studio Alumni Nicole Samantha Huff

Featured in The Luckiest Girl Alive, Pretty Hard Cases, Tiny Pretty Things, Degrassi, Private Eyes, Diggstown,

Each experience at Lewis Baumander Acting Studio is always a breath of fresh air. It is such a positive and determined environment. I’ve been blessed to work with Lewis who is a master at his art as well as an incredible, kindhearted and inspiring man. I’m so thankful for Lewis because I started booking more jobs after I started getting coached by him. He teaches me the importance of listening and reflecting back, being in the moment, and challenges me to reach deeper in myself and implement this part of myself into a scene or character. Lewis has an outstanding way of coaching and articulating his thoughts and direction. I always leave Lewis’ sessions feeling very confident and well prepared. He’s definitely my go-to acting coach. Thank you Lewis! You’re truly the best!