LB Acting Studio Alumni Rebecca Kwan

Featured in Skymed, Taken, How to Get Away with Recess, Paranormal Witness

My time with Lewis has spanned different versions of me that I never would have had the guts to explore without his guidance. Lewis teaches bravery in more than just the work. He has always been more than a acting coach and more than a mentor to every student he comes across. Being in class with Lewis has changed the depths to which I approach a scene and the complexity of every detail that goes into it. Lewis’ guidance has taught me to discover and play with the nuances of a character and more importantly, the strength it takes to reveal honesty and the true levels of vulnerability of just being a human. I will always have a part of me at work that will ask W.W.L.S (What Would Lewis Say) regardless of where I am in my career. The LBAS will always be a home away from home for me because of this and the amazing people that welcome you with warm, open arms.