LB Acting Studio Alumni Samy Osman

Featured in Get V, MayDay, The Expanse, Sex/Life, The Handmaid's Tale, Good Sam, Saving Hope

A great leader. Maybe not the first thing that comes to mind when talking about an acting coach and not what I thought I’d initially say about Lewis. Nevertheless, the more I think about what makes a great leader, the more I think it fits him perfectly (despite how reluctant he would be to accept the adulation). A great leader leads by example and goes on the journey with you. Whatever they ask of you, they have either walked that path before, or are willing to walk it with you. They don’t claim to have all the answers and are on a continued path of learning and growth. They commend your wins and shed a light on areas to be improved upon. They strive to be superseded, discouraging dependence while encouraging growth, self reflection and autonomy; in essence, they endeavor to give you the tools to continue along without them. They facilitate community building while perpetuating ethical and fair behavior. This, while caring deeply about their role and honoring the trust placed upon them. Lewis is a great leader and so much more. I’m endlessly thankful, more than I’m able to express through words, that my path has lead me to him (maybe that’s why I often want to hug him after class). Naturally, attending his studio, I expected to become a better actor, or at least hoped to, but I didn’t expect it to change me like it did. The growth as an actor, and more importantly, as a human, that I’ve experienced as a result of the years under his guidance and leadership, has been a wonderful surprise and a gift; one that I cherish dearly. Love you Lewis!