Sara Waisglass - LB Acting Studio Alumni

Featured in Ginny & Georgia, Degrassi, October Faction, Suze, Cascade, Holly Hobbie, Suits, The Good Doctor, Killjoys,

There’s a reason I’ve studied at LB Acting Studio for almost half my life. The coaches at LB go above and beyond to encourage you. They recognize your strengths as soon as you walk in the door, and they personalize their training plans to build on the skills you already have. They support you as you push yourself further as an actor and as a person and they foster confidence by providing a safe space to be bold and make mistakes.

The community itself is a gift. There’s not a single person at LB I feel I can’t confide in about industry concerns and performance insecurities. The coaches have built me up every time I’ve lost faith in myself, and they keep me grounded and humble through every success – but always celebrate my victories with me. There’s no place I’d rather grow than at LB!