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The First Element: A Physiological Approach to Acting

So what is this technique?  It starts with a premise and the premise is the following: the goal is to be authentic. If the goal is to be authentic, the only way to be authentic is to be authentic. Therefore, any acting technique that creates even a line, (however small) between you and the character is going to be […]

Should you thank a Casting Director after booking?

I often get asked from actors whether or not it’s appropriate to thank a Casting Director after a booking. There is a tendency to adopt a “us” VS “them” mentality when it comes to casting. The first thing I love to remind actors is that casting WANTS you to book the job. They WANT you […]

Transitions: A Blog Series Introduction

Yesterday morning I was doing a zoom session with a parent and a 10-year-old boy. The agent told the parent and the kid that “when Lewis says you’re ready. I’ll take you on.” (I’ve done this for a few agents over the years, so it wasn’t like it came out of the blue.) I told […]

Transitions: The Early Teen Years

AH! THE TEEN YEARS – A HORMONAL SHITSTORM I think I was a teenager once. It’s hard to remember…. A long time ago in a faraway land, I woke up in this chemical furnace called my body and wondered “WTF?” All of a sudden there were a lot of questions without any answers. Everyone else […]

Transitions: The Middle Teen Years

Mostly, I remember being nervous, sweaty and bewildered. There were those in the know and those who listened to the tales of those who knew. Years later I described it as listening to Homer tell the stories of Ulysses or Jason from Greek legends returning from their adventures abroad. As I listened to other boys […]

Daily Guided Meditations For the Actor

As we try and do more with our TIME. It has become very clear to me that I must continue to untether myself from the remnants of my 19th-century thinking. This audio blog is my first foray into this brave new world. This audiotape is a hybrid. It is a blend between audiobook and meditation track. […]

Whose Choice is it Anyway?

We all intuitively know that our choices in life tell us (and the world) a lot about ourselves. Ultimately, these choices define who we are. It can sentence us to a potential lifetime of regret or shame or to a confirmation of living by our values, which result in deep satisfaction. We can experience pride […]

You’ve Got An Audition: Part One

A Hobbit or Gollum: Who do you want to be? GOLLUM Your heart is racing as you enter the audition room (virtual or live). Maybe you try and occupy space and smile, waiting to be told what to do. Maybe you have a pre-thought of something clever to say to break the tension when you […]

You’ve Got An Audition: Part Two

THE HOBBIT PREPARES TO ENTER THE ROOM If you haven’t read PART ONE, please start HERE The actual techniques we use to help actors memorize and break down scripts for auditions will be part of a much longer, detailed blog. In fact, it most likely will have to wait for my book or a training […]

You’ve Got An Audition: Part Three

THE HOBBIT ENTERS THE ROOM- AH BUT WHICH ROOM? PAUSE! Have you read Part One of this series? Click HERE You have? Great! Have you read Part Two of this series? Click HERE So glad you’re caught up – let’s continue… Once upon a time, there was only one room to enter: It was called […]

You’ve Got An Audition: Part Four

THE HOBBIT ENTERS THE ROOM(S)  PART 2: THE DEVIL IS IN THE DETAIL PAUSE! Have you read Part One of this series? Click HERE You have? Great! Have you read Part Two of this series? Click HERE And how about Part Three? Click HERE So glad you’re caught up – let’s go!    Not so fast! NEWS FLASH!!! There is […]

You’ve Got An Audition: Part Five

THE UPS AND DOWNS – LIFE’S JOURNEY “If the path before you is clear, you’re probably on someone else’s.” Carl Jung If you are going to stay in this business for the long haul one has to learn how to see life as a continuum or a wave not as a stock market graph. The […]

You’ve Got An Audition: Part Six

THE HOBBIT BOOKS THE JOB (YOU GOT THE JOB: NOW YOU CAN CHILL) First of all, you got the job. Congratulations. Do a victory lap and give yourself a big psychic hug. Share with friends and loved ones. Take in your moment – you’ve worked hard for this and so enjoy the victorious sensation for […]

The Importance of Paradigm Shifting when Preparing for a Role

I want to give a shout out to Alan Watts (who I will thank again next week) and Thomas Kuhn who coined the Phrase “Paradigm Shifting” in 1996 when I first came across his book. The two men have had a profound impact on the development of my brain in terms of non linear thinking. I […]

An Actor’s Guide to Breathing

This is a huge topic, and I must qualify my remarks. I am by no means an expert on the subject of breathing. I do not teach voice nor have I been trained to teach it. There are some superb voice teachers out there. I am not one of them.  There are many breathing techniques […]

The Second Element: The Power of Action

Directors say action – they don’t say, feel, imagine, or pretend. To act is to do, not to pretend. When I say an “action,” I don’t mean necessarily just banging on something, hitting or kissing someone, shooting something. An action is teasing, mocking, pleading, seducing etc. Action is how we acquire things. If it weren’t […]

The Third Element: The Power & Nature of Behavior by Lewis Baumander

Behavior more often than not is the most honest “tell” that reveals what we are feeling and thinking without us uttering a word. It reinforces what we are saying or betrays us. We often decide whether someone is lying to us or telling the truth on the basis of observation. Our very safety and well-being […]

The Fourth Element: The Powerful and Invisible Element of Rhythm

We come to the last of the 4 elements of human communication. This one is a little more complex and harder to define. I call it the invisible element because it is something we don’t see as much as sense. It is like the air we breathe but do not see. Thought, Action, Behavior are […]
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