Should you thank a Casting Director after booking?

I often get asked from actors whether or not it’s appropriate to thank a Casting Director after a booking. There is a tendency to adopt a “us” VS “them” mentality when it comes to casting. The first thing I love to remind actors is that casting WANTS you to book the job. They WANT you to perform your best in the room. Acquiring Casting Central a few years ago has been a blessing in shifting this mindset as actors are taking acting classes in the same rooms where they audition for major network TV shows and movies. Having both companies running in tandem is a physical reminder that there is no “us” VS “them, that we are all just people and we’re all just trying to share a piece of ourselves through art. 

Do you enjoy being thanked? Yes.
Do you enjoy feeling appreciated? Yes.
Do you enjoy being bombarded with asks by people you don’t know particularly well? No.

Casting Directors are just like you and me, so while it isn’t necessary to express gratitude following a booking, it likely would be appreciated. A thank you email would be well received and a handwritten card would be even better.